Alliances are a feature in League of War. Once a player has joined or created an alliance, they are able to perform a number of actions:

  • Black Market: The player is able to invest Cash into an alliance Black Market, in exchange for various perks.
  • Donate: The player is able to invest Cash into an alliance bank, which may be used to improve the alliance facilities.
  • Chat: The player is able to communicate with other alliance players via in-game Chat.

Additionally, alliance players may also have access to more powerful reinforcements, depending on their Alliance Ranking.

We recommend that you use this page to post your Alliance Details into the comments, so as to reduce comment clutter elsewhere. A selection of recommended fields has been provided below:

  • Alliance Name.
  • Alliance Capacity.
  • Alliance Description.
  • Alliance Leader.
  • Alliance Requirements (e.g. "Player Level Required").

As most of these details are available in-game, only the Alliance Name is actually required. If you wish to include additional details, you are more than welcome to.