The Liberty Project is attacking Frontier research stations and claiming their lands. Protect Frontier personnel and materials.


Svalbard LandingEdit

Establish a base near Svalbard. Repel Liberty Project attackers.

Rewards: 1 of 3 below, plus $195,000 and 65 XP.

Enemy Deck:

Protect Heat MinesEdit

Liberty Project raiders have been sighted near Foundation heat mines. Disrupt them.

Rewards: 1 of 3 below, plus $195,000 and 65 XP.

Enemy Deck:

  1. Minotaur.
  2. Cestus.
  3. Theseus.

Knife WindEdit

Engage in a rapid strike against the Liberty Project HQ. You must win within 2 minutes.

Rewards: 1 of 3 below, plus $195,000 and 65 XP.

  1. Centaur.
  2. Perseus.
  3. Tulwar I.

Enemy Deck:

  1. Mamluk XV.
  2. Satrap IV.
  3. Theseus.

Operation: Wendigo CryEdit

Their HQ destroyed, the Liberty Project throws everything they have at you! Survive for 4 minutes!

Rewards: 1 of 3 below, plus $540,000 and 130 XP.

  1. Rocket Trooper.
  2. Typhon.
  3. Bronze Key.

Enemy Deck:

  1. Satrap IV.
  2. Mamluk XV.
  3. Theseus.

How to Complete:

This will be a mission where you will be stuck for a certain amount of time. The enemy units are now level 12 and level 13. It's time to get rid of some of the basic units and substitute them for better ones! At this rate, you should have at least one uncommon unit. If you don't, get one quickly! If you have a rare unit, that's fine too. The enemy deck does not let go of the Centaur's abilities to fire its bullets at the same rate as the ultra-rare Orontes I, so they have a Centaur. Take advantage of whatever they're releasing! If you have a rare unit or two, this is gonna be easy!