Campaigns are a prominent feature in League of War. It enables the player to participate in Campaign battles, offering a variety of rewards for completion. Each Campaign is comprised of four missions; the first three require 5 Energy to initiate, while the fourth requires 10 Energy to initiate. The player may also repeat Campaign battles to acquire additional rewards.

Once the player has completed a mission, they are rewarded a random reward from a selection of 3 items, in addition to a fixed Cash and XP amount. The player may choose to receive a ×3 reward, at triple the normal Energy requirement. This will effectively triple the reward of completing a mission, while only needing to initiate the battle once.

Campaign: Combat TrainingEdit

Campaign: First ContractEdit

Campaign: Berber TorcEdit

Campaign: Harmattan ShieldEdit

Campaign: Python GearEdit

Campaign: Liberty OffensiveEdit

Campaign: Frost ChariotEdit

Campaign: Ice DaggerEdit

Campaign: Western WarpathEdit

Campaign: Sonora SunriseEdit

Campaign: Heron EclipseEdit

Campaign: High RollerEdit

Campaign: Ivory PillarEdit

Campaign: Smoke IbisEdit

Campaign: Violet TempestEdit

Campaign: Tunisian DirgeEdit

Campaign: Dread CoastEdit

Campaign: Condor RageEdit

Campaign: Chaos MonsoonEdit

Campaign: Somapura SlamEdit

Campaign: Dragon ClawEdit

Campaign: Jackdaw RuseEdit

Campaign: silent skald

Reserved for future missions.