An example of a Countermeasure Unit.

During weekly events, several units are designated as Countermeasure Units. These units provide a reward points bonus for winning event-related battles. In some cases (such as Invasion Achievements), the reward points bonus does not apply. Countermeasure Units typically consist of one Uncommon Unit and one Ultra-Rare Unit, providing a 20% and 50% reward points bonus respectively.

In order for a reward point bonus to be provided, the player must have their Countermeasure Unit equipped in one of their Squad Slots.

A Countermeasure Unit can be acquired either through an Attack Chest, an Elite Chest, or as a Progress Reward. The unit card will feature a red backdrop, and the description will be replaced with an event-related description. Once the weekly event ends, the Countermeasure Units will return to their standard format, and will also appear in regular chests.