Sand Viper
Sand Viper R Lv1 Front
Rank 1, Level 1
Sand Viper R Lv1 Back
Rank 1, Level 1
Primary Statistics
Minimum Maximum
Attack 2451 5497
Defense 2027 4546
Overall 3216 7214
Secondary Statistics
Minimum Maximum
Damage 1016 2278
Fire Rate 0.33/s
Range 28
Area Effect N/A
Health 840 1883
Armor 110 246
Move Speed 4
Recharge 16

Sniper Infantry. Effective at misdirection and very difficult to hit.

Strategy Edit

Offensive: This unit can inflict significant damage to Recon and Tank units, with the ability to tackle Aircraft. Infantry units are also easy to destroy, but may overwhelm this unit if significant numbers are deployed. It can disorient enemies so it is difficult to hit and takes minimal damage from most tanks and even a lot of recon units. This unit is often used in tandem with a Hastatus Sniper or a Hastatus Prime, serving as a protective barrier against enemy weaponry. In the Condor Rage Campaign, this unit is the only thing limiting you from an easy win, destroying the enemy base, as it takes out infantry considerably quick at low levels and does very big damage to recon units--and when they group up, they do great damage to tanks, too. This unit can be used to discard enemy damage completely, as he can dodge enemy shots. So front lines or back lines, you don't need to care, because he handles them perfectly. It's hard to use this unit wrong, but don't deploy him against rocket-armed units or he will die.

Defensive: This unit is vulnerable to other Sniper infantry. Long-range Artillery (such as the ★Stheno★) are also capable of decimating this unit in sufficient numbers. Death's Head may also pose a significant threat to this unit. Long Range powerful artillery and chemical weapons units are an effective counter. Rocket-armed units are also more effective than cannon armed units, so Liang's Reapers and ★Rocket Squads★ do extremely well against Sand Vipers, but beware that level 45+ Sand Vipers can take out all 3 Rocket armed infantry which are level 20 and below before he goes down. Do not let them group up, as they can dodge enemy shots, so even after you destroy the units that are protecting them, it's impossible to destroy the Sand Vipers because they dodge enemy shots extremely good. A lot of the time, when you go against an army with Sand Vipers in them, you know that the Sand Vipers are becoming a tremendous problem when you suddenly see your units disappearing. This is one of the only three types of rare units that can survive the top spots.

Trivia Edit

  • The Sand Viper is often considered to be the Rare counterpart to Comrade Zero, with similar statistic compositions.
  • Past updates of league of war originally had two animations (standing and jogging) however it has been given a crouching animation along with other sniper units in the new updates to help explain their firing delay.

How to Obtain Edit

  • Bronze, Silver, & Gold Chests

Gallery Edit