Uncommon Trainer
Rare Trainer
Primary Statistics
Minimum Maximum
Attack XXX XXX
Defense XXX XXX
Overall XXX XXX
Secondary Statistics
Minimum Maximum
Damage XXX XXX
Fire Rate XXX
Range XXX
Health XXX XXX
Move Speed XXX
Recharge XXX

Grants bonus experience when consumed in Training.

Use Edit

These units allow the player to increase the level of any unit, providing a significant experience bonus over sacrificing other units. These units are no longer equippable in a Squad Slot, due to them being altered in the same update which introduced the Officer. Despite this, they are still labelled with a Supply Cost of 1000.

Unlike the Officer, the player can apply any Trainer to any unit, regardless of rarity. In this case, the rarity of the Trainer denotes the amount of experience provided to the unit.

There are currently three levels of Trainer unit rarity: Uncommon, Rare and Super-Rare. While Common Trainer units existed previously, they have yet to be observed in their current form.


  • The Trainer has the highest Supply Cost of any unit, as well as the lowest Overall rating.
  • The Trainer was originally available as an equippable unit. These units were very weak, and often useless in battle.
  • The Trainer cannot be combined with another Trainer.
  • The Trainer can no longer be equipped into a Squad Slot, having been converted from an Infantry unit to a unique Trainer unit.